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I first met Joey in 2014 when I started training at his gym, Optimal Performance Training. Joey has a gift, he has the ability to ignite a fire in you, to push you beyond your mental and physical limits, and to make you realize your full potential. I realized this through my training sessions at OPT, but I felt this the first time I heard him public speak. It was fall 2014, I was a freshman in college, and taking a health and wellness course. In this class we had a series of public speakers, most were decent, but you couldn’t help but noticing students doing homework, texting, or dozing off during the talks, except for Joey’s. Joey gave a presentation on motivation and passion. His presentation was filled with knowledge & determination, it was powerful and motivating. Slowly, you notice students looking up from their phone, turning their attention to Joey, and applauding him at the end. Joey did what I already knew he was capable of, he ignited the fire in each and every student that was present and in his talks that I have attended since then I have seen it happen again and again and again. Joey has a gift and it pleases me to see that he is using it to change lives, just like he did mine.

- Madi L

“Joey, I have been making some great adjustments over here.
I have been making so many personal victories. They are so big to me but it’s funny Not everyone can understand how big these really are for me because they seem so minimal to others. THEY ARE HUGE. I’ve been talking myself out of so much lately. I like to ask myself “would i talk to someone i really care about like this?” Fuck no. So why do I keep doing it to myself!?. When it comes to being jealous, when it comes to self-doubt, when it comes to self judgment. I have just been turning it off and distracting myself with the positive things.
Talking through everything with Mike really puts us on a different level because he has compassion for me. He truly understands what i am going through and how hard it is for me.

Something big i have changed is that i listen to a podcast 4/5 days outta the week. I used to listen to the same music and it was draining me. I would almost feel more exhausted when i got to work. So i make it continuous effort to listen to something that is actually interesting to me or will teach me
Something. This has truly done more than i knew it could. But i completely understand why. It makes me feel confident that i am constantly learning something new. Or listen to things that bring me joy. That make me laugh. That i love to learn about. That feels AWESOME.
When it come to loving ME! I did this “crazy” thing but i took out my hair extensions! Yes a lot of it was because i need to save money for the wedding but i was almost scared because i thought i would hate myself without them.

Well it turns out that in return for being good to my hair and caring of myself, my hair became healthy and looks great without my extensions. Me trusting that i feel and am beautiful without long, thick hair is big time to me. And just saying it out loud makes feel awesome.

Thanksgiving is coming up and am i feeling extra grateful. Especially for you, Joey! You have helped me in a way i will never be fully able to express. Beyond compare to say the least. Thank you for steering me in the path i didn’t know how to find. You are to thank for the positive progression in mike and I’s relationship. The positive progression in ME. I feel as if i am in another pair of shoes now. Looking at my old self. Or what i thought was myself. Since you opened that door for you, i have been trying to figure me out. Slowly but surely. It sure as hell has been the hardest thing I’ve had to do but i haven’t gone far yet but every moment has been the most rewarding feeling.
So thank you so much Joey. A million times thank you. “

-Emily H

“I truly believe in you & what you do Joey! You’ve already made many people’s lives better, I know because I’m one of them! Your teachings are spot on with real life issues & problems that we all have just at different levels of intensity & at different times in our lives... taking your class helps me more than I can say & I know everyone else in there feels the same way. We all simply need to jus take time to fully understand all your lessons, assess our situations within our lives, then recognize where we are, who we are & in what ways we can adjust & then choose to simply take serious action Right then! Focusing on personal development & on expanding our own minds continuously & ultimately become the better versions of ourselves! Each week we come to class to hear your messages, to work with you &the others who you have taught in class because everything that radiates off you like the positive/upliftin vibes & peaceful energy or just the overall experience you provide week in & week out homeboy! Its honestly come to my mind that one day you’ll be up on stages throughout the world influencing, inspiring & educating people of all walks of life no matter what their situations are & you’ll truly impact them in ways that we all could use but I believe in ways we all desperately need! Keep on doing your thing bro, you’re one special human! Much love my ninja!!”

-Tommy H

I saw the opportunity to better my life and I took it! Joey has an incredible list to work through. The first video alone set the tone for me. I knew this would be a commitment. Routine is hard for me, but I see now how important it is. Believe me, I not strict and often have to jumble the five “challenges”, but I ensure I find time for them, as they truly do help. Since starting the program, I have not been late for work and have not missed workout, time to read, journal, clean and, the one that helps me survive the most, the breathing exercises he has taught me.

-Victoria R

Joey has been coming to speak to my Healthful Living classes as well as my Exercise Science classes for several semesters now. I love having him come back because of his enthusiasm and knowledge in the topic being presented. My students enjoy his presentations and get a lot of benefits from what Joey has to share. I especially love his talk on “Passion” which resonates with many of my students as well as with myself. Joey is truly passionate and knowledgeable about the message he shares and it allows others to connect with him and think deeper about their own lives. I will continue inviting Joey to speak to my students for as long as he is willing to do so.

Ivana Jourdon, MS, ACSM-EP-C

To Whom It May Concern:

I have the great pleasure of writing this letter of recommendation for Joey Bellus. I have known Joey for almost 4 years now. My first interaction with Joey was in his fitness studio, Optimal Performance Training.

I was introduced to Joey through a mutual friend and was quickly drawn to Joey and his infectious personality. Working out in his fitness studio, I could tell there was something different about Joey and the way that he interacted with his clients there. I could immediately sense that Joey wasn’t there just to make money off of his clients, his purpose was to impact the lives of his clients and the clients of the other trainers who used his studio. I was a client of one of his trainers, but I had the great pleasure of getting to know him and his passion from being there.

I am an adjunct faculty member at Chandler Gilbert Community College teaching a class called Healthful Living. Through our many conversations about health, life, interests, passions, and various other topics, I took advantage of the opportunity to invite Joey to speak to my class about passion, a topic that both of us felt could impact college students. Impact ended up being an understatement. His presentation was so good, I invited him back every semester to present to my class, and without fail, Joey delivered each and every time. Part of the final exam that I give is to talk about something that had an impact on their life, and so many students responded that Joey’s talk on passion is one that they wouldn’t forget and recommended him coming to speak to my class every semester.

Joey is a passionate, articulate, and entertaining speaker who can talk on a variety of topics. As a matter of fact, one of my guest students is also a faculty member on campus, and she has had him speak to her class multiple times on a variety of topics. If you are looking to impact your students or group, without a doubt I recommend Joey to come and speak to your class or to your group.

Should you have any further questions regarding Joey, please do not hesitate to contact me.


-Jon Watson

Adjunct Faculty
Chandler Gilbert Community College

Hey Joey its Ashley I was calling to leave a sappy voicemail *laughs* seriously though, I just wanted to call and say thank you sooo much…sorry I am going to get all emotional *pauses* but I just wanted to say thank you so much, your jumpstart program that I have been doing and the videos I have been watching have been so helpful for me and for my happiness and for helping me to reach attainable goals that I have set for myself and as I’ve done that, I’m becoming a better person and it just makes me so happy and I am so much happier inside, and it’s just been showing. (says husbands name) even says “you’re really happy today” normally he teases me and is like “if only all your friends and family could see what you’re really like at home,  you’re all nice to everyone else but you’re a crazy person at home” so anyways, lately little by little setting attainable goals for myself each day and taking time to read and breathe and journal and to exercise, this past week has been the first week that I have even wanted to exercise because I have WANTED too, because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for myself TRULY, I feel so good.  So, I just wanted to call and say thank you so much, I am loving it, I am going to continue to work really hard on myself and continue to improve myself for the remainder of the 30 days and I hope you have a wonderful Friday because you totally deserve it and I appreciate all the help you have given to me and to all those around you.  Have a good one, thanks. Bye.”


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