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Our high school and collegiate training programs are centered around specific athletic needs of the desired sport. With a balanced approach in muscular strength, power, speed, injury prevention and sport specific conditioning, the athlete raises their ceiling of potential in regards to their sport’s specific movements, energy system demands and athletic capabilities. Speed, agility, and plyometrics will be systematically integrated into all programs. By creating a powerful combination of strength and athleticism each athlete will have a much greater transfer of training from inside the walls of OPT to their sport of competition. The program will also dedicate time to mobility, injury prevention, nutrition, proper recovery protocols and teach athletes how to create a positive, confident state of mind in and out of sport. Our sports performance programs are truly one of a kind and have provided athletes results second to none since 2008.


  • Develop proper body mechanics and strength training techniques
  • Periodized training will ensure consistent strength and power gains
  • Complex training to maximize sport specific gains


  • Efficiency, not QUANTITY
  • Intensity is more important than duration once a good foundation is built
  • Proper conditioning will help prevent injury, and aid in athlete recovery time
  • Conditioning is not the same as speed and agility


  • Master proper fundamentals of running technique and footwork to develop better acceleration and explosiveness
  • Change of direction drills will increase transfer of training
  • Emphasis on plyometric drills
  • Improve reaction time and first step quickness
  • Speed bands will be incorporated to work on power development, acceleration and explosiveness


  • Proper warm-up and cool-down techniques for before and after workouts
  • Emphasis on creating functional range of motion
  • Ice bath and infrared sauna therapy will be implemented to repair and build muscle, reduce inflammation in the body, and improve cognitive function of the brain

Please contact me for one-on-one fitness training and/or small group sessions.

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