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Our Athletic Performance Class at OPT Beyond Fitness is where we push the boundaries of athletic excellence with a comprehensive approach that improves every aspect of athlete performance.
Optimized Strength Training: Unlike traditional high-volume training, our focus on specificity ensures athletes receive maximum benefits from each workout. This method reduces the risk of overtraining and maintains strength and power for peak performance during competition.

1. Precision in Speed and Agility: Recognizing the importance of agility, speed, and reactive capability, our protocols include advanced running techniques and plyometric drills designed to enhance these critical components of athletic performance.
2. Injury Prevention: We prioritize the longevity of your athletic career by emphasizing proper warm-up and cool-down routines, functional mobility practices, and training techniques that reduce the likelihood of injury.
3. Recovery as a Priority: Effective training is complemented by superior recovery
strategies. Utilizing modern recovery tools such as ice baths and saunas, we accelerate muscle healing and provide cognitive benefits, ensuring athletes stay mentally sharp and prepared for their next challenge.
4. Individualized Approach: At OPT Beyond Fitness, we understand that every athlete is unique. Our adaptable methods ensure that each athlete's specific needs, strengths, and areas for improvement are thoroughly addressed.

Class Components:

Strength Training:

Ensure consistent strength and power gains with periodized training, integrating sport specific training to maximize athletic benefits

Speed and Agility:

Sharpen running techniques for enhanced acceleration, utilize change-of-direction exercises, plyometric drills, and incorporate speed bands for power and explosiveness that directly correlates to on the field/court demand


Prioritize efficiency over volume with intense, targeted workouts to
increase stamina, endurance and Vo2 max

Injury Prevention & Recovery:

Adopt effective warm-up and cool-down methods, prioritize functional mobility, utilize our ice baths and saunas for muscle repair and cognitive enhancement.

Join our Athletic Performance Class and train like a professional athlete!

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