O.P.T. Mission Statement & CORE Values

Optimal Performance Training is comprised of a team of health and fitness professionals dedicated to empowering a diverse group of individuals of all ages and capabilities to achieve their fullest potential in health, fitness and well-being.

We accomplish this by providing effective tools, services, atmosphere and structure to create sustainable lifestyle habits for our members.

Our education and training systems are built on evidence-based research and best practices in exercise science, meditation and personal growth.


Optimal Performance Training 7 Core Values

 Courage – Courage is the foundation for living a life full of meaning and purpose.  To live a life with courage means to take full responsibility for your life, actions, and choices.  It takes courage to transform your life. We are here to help you be courageous so you can become the best version of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

 Love – Love is always our highest aim. Love is the life force of existence and here at O.P.T. all our programs and services are designed to bring love into people’s lives.

 Sacrifice – In order for transformation to take place you have to be willing to make sacrifices.  Sacrifices come in the form of thoughts, habits, personal behaviors, time and money.  When you choose to sacrifice who you once “were” you also choose who you will ultimately become.

 Integrity – Integrity is the key to changing lives in a positive, healthy direction. We will all experience failure and disappointment. The journey to becoming a better version of yourself is not about perfection. It is about being who you say you are especially when no one is watching. When you fall short - because we all do – own your mistakes and restore your integrity with honesty, open communication, and forgiveness for self and others. Integrity is the road we walk upon when changing our lives in a positive healthy direction.

 Innovation- We are all uniquely different. At O.P.T. we blend our services to find creative and effective ways to help you achieve your goals.

 Humor – Laughter is a great gift—it heals, connects, and retunes.  Laugher helps us all slowdown and acknowledge the good, it helps us not take everything so seriously. For us, making people smile, laugh and sharing goodness is a priority for us.

Community – Serving our community is one of the best ways to put our core values into practice. When you begin to transform in a positive healthy way, and acknowledge your blessings, you become more grateful. This gratitude helps you see things from a different perspective, which helps you become less selfish, more compassionate and understanding. You will see how much abundance you truly have, and you will want to share this with others.  We at O.P.T. choose to serve our community and inspire others to do the same. We are all in this together, lets never forget that.

Contact & Location

Phone:  (480) 213-1210

745 W. Baseline Road Suite 17-19
Mesa, AZ 85210


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