Personal Trainer & Coach

Joey Bellus

My name is Joey Bellus, and my foremost mission is to guide individuals on transformative journeys towards healthy living and becoming the best version of themselves. Addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, I coach holistically and with intention. I encourage clients to tap into their innermost selves, drawing out their untapped potential and drive. Together, we pinpoint and tackle barriers, whether they are personal traumas or mindset hurdles, to foster balance and resilience.

I emphasize the profound values of forgiveness, love, and connection, guiding clients to understand how overcoming shame can lead to a deeper connection with these virtues. With a toolkit that encompasses fitness, breathwork, and meditation – the very practices that revolutionized my life – I provide a comprehensive approach to healing and self-transformation that improve all areas of a persons life.

My journey, filled with its trials, triumphs, and constant learning, has equipped me with invaluable insights. Overcoming personal challenges like addiction and trauma has refined my purpose and approach. I approach every session with genuine dedication and commitment, creating a nurturing environment for clients to flourish. Our collaborative effort focuses on continuous growth, and I'm committed to being your coach and offering support every step of the way.

  • Landmark Education Graduate:
    Introduction course, Advanced Course, S.E.L.P.
    Communication Course 1 & 2,
    Direct Access: Creating and living a future you really want
  • Heart Core leadership Graduate 1 & 2
  • Xperitas: Leadership Training Graduate

Contact & Location

Phone:  (480) 213-1210

745 W. Baseline Road Suite 17-19
Mesa, AZ 85210


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