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Welcome to OPT Beyond Fitness in Mesa, Arizona, your destination for holistic health and personalized fitness solutions. With options for group settings or 1-on-1 coaching, our expert team tailors each experience to your unique goals, whether it's muscle growth, athletic enhancement, or overall well-being. Our proven methods combine evidence-based training with enriching meditation practices for a balanced transformation. Deepen your recovery journey with our therapeutic saunas and invigorating ice baths. Further, our meditation sessions cultivate mental clarity, while our nutrition programs fuel your body's specific needs. Choose OPT Beyond Fitness, and embark on a harmonized fitness journey that nurtures body, mind, and spirit

Why Hire us?

OPT Beyond Fitness offers more than just training; we provide a holistic approach to well-being. With our team, you're not just getting a trainer; you're gaining a dedicated wellness partner. We integrate the latest science with tried-and-true methods, ensuring dynamic and effective workouts. Personalized programs cater to your unique needs, maximizing results. Our holistic perspective incorporates both mind and body, fostering complete transformation.

Hiring an O.P.T. personal trainer ensures tailored workouts, optimizing results and minimizing injury risks. Our expertise guides you through proper techniques, ensuring every movement counts. Our trainers provide consistent motivation, helping you break through plateaus and achieve your goals faster. We offer nutritional guidance, amplifying workout benefits with balanced diets. The accountability we provide ensures you stay on track and committed. Transform your fitness journey from a solitary endeavor to a collaborative, expert-led mission. Choose OPT Beyond Fitness and begin your transformation today!

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Transforming Lives: Joey B's 19-Year Fitness Journey

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When you commit to yourself and our programs
you will become more physically, mentally and emotionally sound.
You evolve into someone who is a
better athlete, partner, boss, employee,
student, mother, father, friend... human.
You’ll be a better you.


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“Joey, I woke up today feeling so weird. I'm so happy I want to cry, man. I'm so blessed.
Being sober feels so good. I can barely control my emotions today. Joey, love you bro.
Thank you so, so much.”

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I first met Joey in 2014 when I started training at his gym, Optimal Performance Training. Joey has a gift, he has the ability to ignite a fire in you, to push you beyond your mental and physical limits, and to make you realize your full potential.

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Ashley T.

I’m becoming a better person and it just makes me so happy and I am so much happier inside

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He’s just very inspiring. He almost forces you to want to be better and feel better and do better

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Victoria R

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

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Contact & Location

Phone:  (480) 213-1210

745 W. Baseline Road Suite 17-19
Mesa, AZ 85210


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