Corporate Meditation Programs

The average person spends over 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work. It’s no wonder then that our work environment is directly proportional to our well being.

This is why it is paramount to bring mindfulness into the workplace. Not only can it greatly reduce stress and anxiety levels, it can improve focus, cognitive thinking, evoke patience and sharpen decision making skills.

More often than not, our corporate environments include elements such as extended periods of stress, mental and emotional exhaustion and overall dissatisfaction. This depletes our ability to be productive, creative, efficient, happy and successful at work and can overflow into our personal lives. Whether you have executives, on the go consultants or corporate professionals, we will create a personalized program together to meet your employees’ needs.

Optimal Performance Training offers custom corporate meditation and mindfulness programs that we can tailor to you and your business. We bring simple, powerful, applicable and effective meditation practices into the workplace to improve personal and professional outcomes.  Our implementation can include things like breathing exercises, sound therapy, light stretching and meditation all unique to your company and needs.

Each program starts with a 60 minute on site Introduction to Meditation.

 This includes:

  • A brief intro about what meditation is and how it can improve your life, on the job and at home,
  • The scientific research supporting meditation and mindfulness for health, well-being and overall satisfaction,
  • A guided meditation experience so participants have a simple, effective and tangible plan to begin their meditation practice


8  week Meditation and Mindfulness program

Studies have shown that with just 8 weeks of meditation practice, the brain shows signs of growth and change. In this comprehensive program, you will receive two 60-minute trainings each week. Each session will build upon the last, enhancing your practice and technique. There will always be time for questions and individual attention.

The Program Fee is scaled based on the number of course registrants:

  • 2 to 5 students @ $1,200 each
  • 6 to 9 students @ $900 each
  • 10 to 40 students @ $600 each

All participants receive:

  • 90- Day Meditation Journal
  • Two live weekly guided sessions
  • Small group or individual Meditation Coaching
  • Introduction to Meditation (see above)

The fee varies and based upon the customization of services you choose. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly and let’s get started creating your customized program.

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