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Passion & Purpose: Create a Meaningful & Fulfilling Life

Pursuing Your Passion 1-day workshop allows you to uncover your passion and begin
building a foundation to integrate it into your life!

Do you live life day to day in a standstill not pursuing what you truly want to be doing?  Are your ideas, creativity, interests, and passions what you wish you were living but lack how to make them your reality?  If so, Pursuing Your Passion 1 day workshop delivers you the tools to unlock, discover and bring clarity into your life so you can begin living your deepest passions NOW!

This workshop is for you if you want to......

  • Live a more fulfilling life
  • Have more free time
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Eliminate fear that keeps you from pursuing your passion(s)
  • Increase personal happiness
  • Live a life based on meaning rather than constantly searching and wondering
  • Be more courageous
  • Create a life map to help provide clarity as you move forward in pursuit of your passions

This workshop is for you if you struggle with…

  • Fear of failure, judgment, looking stupid
  • Fear of making a career change
  • Don't know how to create an action plan
  • Don’t have “enough Money”
  • Don't have enough Time
  • Feeling too old to make a career change
  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Self-doubt and shamefulness

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Choose Date: August 18th, 2019

What you’re going to learn…

  • What your passions are
  • How to create an action plan that is realistic and that can be executed
  • Ideas on how to move your passion(s) forward
  • Time management techniques to ensure your passions can be brought to life
  • Tools to help you remove the mental fear that keeps you from taking action
  • A knowing of why purpose is essential to living a meaningful and fulfilling life
  • Exercises to help remove the fear of failure and judgment

This program is perfect for if you:

  • Don't know what you are passionate about
  • Don't have a sense of “purpose”
  • Are tired of the day in and day out mundane routine
  • Know what your passion is but don't know how to create a life around it
  • Lack creativity on ways to work on your passions
  • Have fears of self-doubt, failure, and judgment that prevent you from pursuing your passions
  • Are a student and don't know what career to pursue
  • Are looking to make a career change


I first met Joey in 2014 when I started training at his gym, Optimal Performance Training. Joey has a gift, he has the ability to ignite a fire in you, to push you beyond your mental and physical limits, and to make you realize your full potential. I realized this through my training sessions at OPT, but I felt this the first time I heard him public speak. It was fall 2014, I was a freshman in college, and taking a health and wellness course. In this class we had a series of public speakers, most were decent, but you couldn’t help but noticing students doing homework, texting, or dozing off during the talks, except for Joey’s. Joey gave a presentation on motivation and passion. His presentation was filled with knowledge & determination, it was powerful and motivating. Slowly, you notice students looking up from their phone, turning their attention to Joey, and applauding him at the end. Joey did what I already knew he was capable of, he ignited the fire in each and every student that was present and in his talks that I have attended since then I have seen it happen again and again and again. Joey has a gift and it pleases me to see that he is using it to change lives, just like he did mine.



I saw the opportunity to better my life and I took it! Joey has an incredible list to work through. The first video alone set the tone for me. I knew this would be a commitment. Routine is hard for me, but I see now how important it is. Believe me, I not strict and often have to jumble the five “challenges”, but I ensure I find time for them, as they truly do help. Since starting the program, I have not been late for work and have not missed workout, time to read, journal, clean and, the one that helps me survive the most, the breathing exercises he has taught me.


Ivana Jourdon, MS, ACSM-EP-C

Joey has been coming to speak to my Healthful Living classes as well as my Exercise Science classes for several semesters now. I love having him come back because of his enthusiasm and knowledge in the topic being presented. My students enjoy his presentations and get a lot of benefits from what Joey has to share. I especially love his talk on “Passion” which resonates with many of my students as well as with myself. Joey is truly passionate and knowledgeable about the message he shares and it allows others to connect with him and think deeper about their own lives. I will continue inviting Joey to speak to my students for as long as he is willing to do so.

What’s included in the program:

Group seminar setting
Workshop Journal
90 Day Action Plan
One 30-Minute Follow-Up Session/Phone Call
Light Snacks & Coffee

My name is Joey Bellus, and there is nothing that inspires me more than coaching people on the journey to becoming the best version of themselves. I work with clients on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, helping them to develop the tools to create a life they find meaningful. I believe that when you become committed to finding out who you are your life begins to transform, and I am passionate about supporting people in this process.

I coach people with the intention of facilitating each individual's innate ability to find enough stillness to listen to themselves, allowing their passion and purpose to come through. We work together to identify and address what is preventing them from taking control of their body, mind, and emotions, enabling them to become more balanced and build a healthier, stronger foundation in their lives. I believe in the power of forgiveness, love, and connection, and teach people how shame blocks us from experiencing all three of these.

I help each client to create positive habits to organize and structure their lives in a way that supports their goals. I use a combination of fitness, breathwork, and meditation in my coaching practice, as I believe in the immense power of using these practices because they are what literally saved my life. I empower people to treat themselves with love and compassion, expanding their capacity to be fully present with their families, friends and loved ones.

I have gathered many tools and insights through my successes, failures, education, and experiences, and I love to share what I have learned with others. I have found the courage to heal from addiction, trauma, stress, and anxiety, and discovered meaning and purpose in my life. My own journey of personal growth is an ongoing process, and I am dedicated to showing up to each session I have with authenticity and openness, creating the space for my clients to do the same.

  • Landmark Education Graduate:
    Introduction course, Advanced Course, S.E.L.P.
    Communication Course 1 & 2,
    Direct Access: Creating and living a future you really want
  • Heart Core leadership Graduate 1 & 2
  • Xperitas: Leadership Training Graduate

Contact & Location

Phone: (480) 213-1210

5640 E. Main Street,
Mesa, AZ 85205

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