Meditation Coaching

The OPT approach to meditation is simple, be still and breathe. Our meditation practice is designed to teach you how to “quiet the noise” of the outside world and begin to remove distractions that come with modern day living. From proper breathing mechanics to effective and powerful breathing exercises, we blend visualization, sound therapy and relaxation techniques that reduce stress, anxiety, muscle tension and promotes a lasting calming effect on the body and mind. Contact us for a class, course or one-on-one meditation session.

OPT Breathing Playlist

Proven Benefits of OPT Meditation

Calms Anxiety

Reduces Blood Pressure

Reduces Stress

Enhances Self-Awareness

Improves Quality Of Sleep

Helps Heal Addiction(s)

Promotes Emotional Health

Lengthens Attention Span

Creates Mental Clarity

Improve Focus

Please contact me for class schedules, one on one sessions, and/or small group sessions.


Contact & Location

Phone:  (480) 213-1210

745 W. Baseline Road Suite 17-19
Mesa, AZ 85210


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