Personal Growth Coaching Programs

OPT Genesis Program

O.P.T. Genesis is an in-depth program for those who seek guidance, coaching, and accountability as they take their life in a new direction.

We start with a comprehensive, detailed assessment to review all the elements of your current life. This information allows us to see the aspects and habits that are holding you back. We will discuss why you have been stuck and bring focus to the habits and thinking patterns that need to change. With this new awareness, you’ll be supported in creating your authentic vision and provided the tools & resources to begin the transformation into your optimal way of being.

As we work through the program, you will gain a profound sense of clarity and a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want to experience in this life. These sessions will help you establish new healthy habits and fresh ways to think about and approach challenges. Through practical application, you will acquire the knowledge and courage to continue your journey forward as a connected, complete, and fulfilled individual

We offer a 1 day reset genesis program, an 8-week group genesis program, and a 1 on 1 16 week genesis program.

Please contact me for program sessions and/or small group sessions.

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