My name is Joey Bellus and I teach people how to find themselves

I teach people how to clean up their lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I teach people how to begin to take control of their body, their mind, and begin to create a healthier and stronger foundation to build their life upon. I teach people how to develop the courage to heal from addiction, alleviate stress, anxiety, worry and provide the tools to keep people balanced.

I teach people the power of forgiveness, love, connection and how shame blocks us from experiencing all three. I teach people how to care for themselves, so in turn, they can care for their families, friends, loved ones and strangers. I teach people how to be still, breathe and listen to themselves so they find their passion in this life and how their personal gifts will create beauty within themselves. I teach people about commitment and when you become committed to finding out who you are your life begins to transform.

My name is Joey Bellus and through my failures, successes, education and experiences I found myself, I know my purpose, I know the meaning of my life and I teach others to do the same.

Joey Bellus launched Optimal Performance Training In 2008, he has been a fitness and health professional since 2004 and has practiced personal meditation and coaching since 2011. He is passionate about helping people obtain a better quality of life through fitness, meditation and personal development. His philosophy is that a body, mind and spirit are all pathways that eventually lead to the same end goal; becoming a stronger, healthier, confident, more resilient and fulfilled human being.

Joey sets himself apart from other fitness and personal development professionals by the results his clients see mentally, physically and emotionally. Joey received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sciences and Wellness from Arizona State University and achieved certifications from accredited fitness programs

  • B.S. Exercise Science and Wellness (Arizona State University)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists® (CSCS®)
    (Sports Performance Specialist)
  • Hoffman Process Graduate
  • Hoffman Process: Inner Work For Leaders Graduate
  • Landmark Education Graduate:
    -Introduction course
    -Advanced Course
    -Communication Course 1 & 2
    – Direct Access: Creating and living a future you really want
  • Heart Core leadership Graduate 1 & 2
  • Xperitas: Leadership Training Graduate

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