Personal & Group Fitness Classes

Adult Fitness Class

Our adult fitness classes are for all fitness levels. With a combination of conditioning & weight training, our class is aimed to promote weight loss, increase lean muscle mass & improve the functional range of motion throughout the body. We also use the sauna & cold plunges to decrease pain, stress, anxiety, inflammation & to improve overall health, fitness & mental wellbeing, which leads to long-lasting results inside & outside the workout studio.

Women's Only Class

Our women's only class is for women of all ages and fitness levels. This class provides a comfortable space and community for women to work on conditioning, strength training, and mobility to ensure results while decreasing risk of pain and/or injury. The class also incorporates the ice bath and sauna to help reduce inflammation, pain, and stress in the body. It is truly a place where women can come and empower each other, as well as themselves, to grow in all aspects of life.

Elements Class

Our elements classes consist of using the 4 elements: Earth (mobility/movement), Wind (breathwork), Water (cold plunge), and Fire (sauna) to enhance and improve the functional range of motion throughout the body and restore proper breathing mechanics. This class will help decrease pain, stress, anxiety, reduce inflammation, the chance of injury & improve sleep quality. Join us for our elements class & experience the results for yourself!

Please contact me for one-on-one fitness training and/or small group sessions.

Contact & Location

Phone: (480) 213-1210

5640 E. Main Street,
Mesa, AZ 85205

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