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Our Philosophy

Our personal training studio acts as a mirror. It is a place where you go to face yourself, your fears, your doubts, your failures. The four walls of the studio house your growth: where you came from, and where you’re going; from whom you were, to who you are working to become. The idea of the “mirror” symbolizes the importance of the individual first coming to terms with themselves in a place where anxiety vanishes, fear ceases to exist, and failures act as only a means of experience. From here, growth can take shape and the mirror allows the individual to witness it every step of the way, for every small ounce of greatness paves the way for the road ahead. Optimal Performance Training is a home to like-minded fitness professionals who seek to guide the evolution of the individual mentally and physically through superior fitness and nutrition strategies. The focus of OPT is to transform the individual as a whole, using fitness to intertwine together the puzzle pieces to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit as one. Through the use of diverse and personalized work outs, each session rests refreshingly on the individual rather than being repetitive, allowing each day of training to act as a breath of fresh air. Surrounded by a diverse group of individuals ranging in age, gender, and life story, O.P.T. provides a sense of belonging as well as a place of intimacy and unity within oneself and amongst the whole. Knowing personal change is possible amongst a room of individuals all seeking and exuding greatness, the process of transformation becomes both intoxicating and inevitable.


Please contact me for one-on-one fitness training and/or small group sessions.

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